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Welcome to our website. We thank you for visiting and please let us know if you have any questions. Our goal here is to help you to become a Landman and provide you with the proper training. That is why we developed our “Complete Landman Training Manual” to give you the knowledge you need to succeed and show you exactly how the job is done.

We have been in the Oil & Gas Business for over 35 years and during this time we have done every facet of a Landman job. We have also trained numerous Landmen throughout the country and have helped many of them find jobs. With the rising price of oil and the shale plays around the country and the world, Landmen are in great demand right now. This trend will continue as the world will continue to need much more oil and natural gas and the price trend is up. A statistic that will amaze you is that the average person in the United States uses 100 times more oil per year than the average person in China. How many years do you think it will take Chinese consumption to catch up? Not as long as you might think and by that time the price will be a few hundred dollars per barrel.

Many people ask us exactly what a Landman does. Basically a Landman leases the mineral rights from a mineral owner on a certain piece of property or properties so that the Oil & Gas Company can drill a well to extract the oil or natural gas from under the ground. The Landman will pay the mineral owner a certain amount of money per acre which is called the lease bonus. They will also give the mineral owner an ownership share in the well which is called the royalty. The Landman will be responsible for negotiating the “deal” with the mineral owner based on terms given by the company they are working for. The Landman will be given certain parameters as far as bonus and royalty goes and they will have to work the deal staying inside of these parameters.

Although this is the main function of a Landman’s job, this is really only a small part of what a Landman could do. A Landman will usually also do the chain of title on the land they are leasing. This means they will go to the courthouse or abstract plant in the county or parish where the land is located and determine who the mineral owner is of a certain piece of property. This involves checking ownership of the tract throughout the years and seeing if any mineral reservations occurred or any wells were drilled. A Landman could also be responsible for lease preparation, lease packages, curative work on title opinions, division orders along with other jobs that your company would like you to do.

As you can tell, the job of a Landman is tough and detailed, but also offers plenty of freedom since most of the time you will be working out in the field and not in an office all day. And, the pay is excellent with Landmen averaging between $250-$450 per day plus expenses. To learn more about what a Landman does and how you can get started in this industry, click on the Buy It Now button below and order our “Complete Landman Training Manual”.

If you have any questions, please send an email to sales@LandmanTrainingProgram.com or see our contact details under the Contact Us page.